MOTHER has the raddest children: PIERS DE MISON


Piers De Mison is one of those guys who has been a servant to the dark side of Punk and Goth'n'Roll for so long that other veterans from other countries know him and tell us that it feels great to know that Piers is also on team MOTHER.

This evil sheriff of Nottingham/UK fronts the band ARCANE WINTER, best described by the musicians as "Gothic Grand Guignol". With influences as diverse as Chrome, The Doors and Hawkwind to Killing Joke, The Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie and The Banshees the band's sound is a different take on early gothic rock.

Click on the band's name to visit their website, featuring songs of their "Cold Europe" and "Radiate"-EPs and their debut single "The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side". In his spare time, Piers is a DJ on Nightbreed Radio. Originating from the world-renowned UK Goth label Nightbreed Recordings, Nightbreed Radio plays the widest range of dark alternative music.