MOTHER has the raddest children: NICK HUDSON

meet the artist

You can be cool and you can be Nick Hudson cool. This Londoner's talents are apparent on many levels. The MARVEL comic artist did not only draw the insanely atmospheric background artwork of MOTHER's webpage, including the skull art for this series, he is also the guitarist for INSIDE THE CIRCLE, an earthy, female fronted band.

As an avid DANZIG fan, Nick loves to draw anything related to the Dark Lord. Check out his MISFITS homage to get an idea of his attention to detail, his ability to capture a mood in an almost photorealistic style with enough freedom for colors and shades to speak their own language.

Nick is currently in the studio with his band to record some new songs. If you are into BLACK SABBATH, TYPE O NEGATIVE, DANZIG, ROLLINS BAND, KYUSS, PANTERA and WHITE ZOMBIE, this might be exactly along your avenue. In the video for "Evil Dead Song" below, note Nick's stop frame filming of the Book Of Evil.