MOTHER has the raddest children: FLORE LAZCANO!

Flore Lazcano is the head honcho of the DANZIG fan group "DANZIG IS THE REASON" on Facebook. The 33-year-old Argentinian Zigette also teaches English, styles the hair and make-up of theater groups, writes reviews for the horror movie website "Sinful Celluloid" and gives lectures of her evil prosa.
In her sparetime, she practices the art of the Ninja and collects knives. MOTHER is happy to have a southern American complice in her, ready to spread our evil gene all over Argentina!

Flore, the theater stylist

Flore, the make-up artist

Flore, the horror maniac

Flore, the book worm

Flore, the Hamlet

Flore, the scream queen

Flore, the Ninja

Flore, the MOTHER enthusiast