MOTHER has the raddest children: MAURICE "DEVILMAN" NUNEZ!

MOTHER had the opportunity to speak to Maurice "The Devilman" Nunez, who is the head of DANZIG's official fansite "7th House".


Maurice, your nickname is „The Devilman”. How did you get it?



I was introduced to the character Devilman from reading the Glenn Danzig interview in the June 1986 issue of Thrasher magazine. I became a fan of the Japanese anime character so I'd use the name for my email as well as my handle on the original 7thHouse wwwboard. It was one of those old school internet bulletin boards, way before the days of social media. So among the fans that's what I was known as. Eventually Glenn and the rest of the band members would call me Devilman and the name just stuck.


How did it come to happen that you got into the position to form DANZIG’s official fansite on the internet?



Back in the mid-90's there really weren't many DANZIG sites. I mean the internet was just beginning, but there were a few Misfits sites and maybe a couple of Danzig sites, but not many. At around that time, the new DANZIG album Blackacidevil was released. Being a DANZIG diehard fan, I wanted to have a site that not only supported DANZIG, but a place for news, updates, articles, and most of all photos. Back then, photos of the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig were not readily available other than what had been made available in fanzines and magazines. Photos were always rare. Not like today where they are all over the internet. It was a different time back then as the internet was just beginning. I started the 7thHouse back in 1996. At the time, the internet was new and a great way to spread news quick. Eventually Glenn recognized the 7thHouse as the official DANZIG Fansite. The site would promote news and have a place for the fans to gather. This was always separate from his official website as the 7thHouse was geared towards the community of fans. But it worked well since I knew Glenn and I would consistently keep the fan base up to date on any DANZIG related news. Anything from DANZIG news to Verotik comic updates, it was there.


Recently, you suffered a large setback, when Facebook deleted your site because of an accident. What happened and how did you resolve the problem?



Not sure why as I was told I'd receive an email as to why the 7thHouse FB site was removed. Of course it would have been nice to know why and to get the site back, but that won't stop me from continuing to do what I do. I just ended up creating a new FB site. If I have to rebuild, I don't mind. Whatever it takes to keep the Legacy alive.


Was the decision to name it “7th house” solely made by you, or did Glenn Danzig have a say in that? Were there other names you originally thought of?



7thHouse was the opening track to the Blackacidevil album, and ended up being the name I used for the website. It was mainly timing as the album came out in '96 and I started the site the same year. Besides being a killer opening track, I thought it was a great name for a website.


How often do you see the man about contents of your site? Does he actively take part in something?



Glenn will pass along any updates anytime there's something new going on or in the works. There's no pattern to it, it just comes as and he'll let me know. Last time we spoke he did mention that the "DANZIG sings Elvis"-record should be out next year. It will include some special, more intimate shows as part of this release. No additional details at this time, but sounds like something to really look forward to.


As most DANZIG fans know, Glenn is not very active on the internet, because he hates it. But do you suspect that he reads and follows the happenings on his fansite from time to time?



I definitely can't speak for Glenn, but I'm sure he uses the internet for things he likes. I don't think that includes keeping up with fansites. I'm sure things get back to him, but overall I don't see Glenn spending time to research sites about himself. I could be wrong, but I just don't see it.


DANZIG memes are definitely a thing on the net. Every rock fan, no matter if he is actually a DANZIG fan or not, seems to love them. You do not encourage memes about DANZIG on your page. Do you think Glenn Danzig would be upset or is he able to laugh about himself sometimes?



I do have rules to the DANZIG group, but not many. One of them is no memes, and mainly because as the Official Fansite we go by what Glenn wants. Certain things he specifically doesn't want and that would be one of them. It basically comes down to: God Don't Like It. But doesn't seem to be an issue as the fans that enjoy memes can find them in other groups and do so all the time.


As a fan and member of several DANZIG fansites, official and independent, I am happy that the 7th house and especially K.O.D. are at peace with each other now. How did the controversy arise?



It was mainly me, not the 7thHouse, who had mistakenly thought KOD was a different type of group. So it was basically me coming to understand what they were about and what they stood for. At the end of the day, we are both on the same side. Even if we don't agree on certain things, we do share the common bond of DANZIG. I do have many friends there and many are members of the 7thHouse as it should since we are all fans. Hail DANZIG!


I was very happy that you officially recognized my DANZIG tribute band MOTHER as “probably the best tribute band dedicated to Glenn Danzig I've heard”. Is Glenn known to support tribute bands dedicated to his work?



Not sure what Glenn's opinion on tribute bands is, but I'm sure he'd be proud of what you guys are doing. I hope I get to see Mother live one day. In Germany would be ideal. Of course that depends on me, but would be awesome.


As DANZIG’s live photographer, you get to see a lot of “big D”, as the man is respectfully named by his entourage. What is your most memorable moment with Glenn?



There are so many memories. Watching him on stage and getting to photograph him singing with Metallica at the Filmore in San Francisco in 2011 was incredibly cool. Such a killer time! I will say that some of my favorite DANZIG shows ever were from this past September including the Chicago Riotfest where the band played songs like "Bodies," "Heart of The Devil," "Anything," and "When the Dying Calls." That was one of my favorite DANZIG shows ever. Definitely one I will remember for a long time to come.


Thank you, Maurice, DANZIG!

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